Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (policy) set out below relates to all personal information collected, held, used and disclosed by or on behalf of Recorded Music New Zealand Limited. It covers all of our activities, including our operation of the websites at;; and (website(s)).

Updated 12 August 2022

1. About us

We are Recorded Music New Zealand Limited (‘Recorded Music’), a company incorporated in New Zealand (company number 10515). Our registered office is Level 1, 2A Hakanoa Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand.

In this policy, when we say ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’, we mean Recorded Music.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email our Privacy Officer at with “Privacy” in the subject line.

2. What’s covered in this policy

We care about your privacy and your personal information. This policy tells you about:

  • What information we might collect about you

  • How we might use that information

  • Where we store that information

  • Who we might share that information with; and

  • Your rights in connection with that information

  • Information we collect

We may collect the following information from you when you interact with us, including when you use our services (as a right holder, recording artist, licensee, or otherwise), attend our events, or access our website:

You don’t have to give us your information. But if you do not provide us with information that we have not indicated is voluntary, we may not be able to provide you with our services or cater our services to suit you.

We may gather more extensive information about your interactions with our website or with us generally, if we are concerned about abnormal website usage patterns or security breaches.

3. Information others give us

We might receive your personal information from third-party websites or services who you have authorised to disclose your personal information to us. The collection and disclosure of that personal information by those third parties will be governed by the terms you’ve agreed with them.

4. Information you give us about others

We may collect information about someone else from you. If you do provide us with someone’s personal information, you must make sure you have that person’s authority to do so and you must make sure that person knows that their information may be used by us in the circumstances set out in this policy.

5. Sending you marketing materials & other service updates

As described in Section 3, we may use personal information we hold about you to send you emails and other electronic messages about our services and other business opportunities that we consider may be of interest to you.

If you don’t wish to receive promotional or marketing communications such as newsletters and general industry updates from us, you can opt-out by using the unsubscribe facility on the messages that we send you, or by contacting us using the details listed in Section 12 (“Contacting us”).

We request that in regard to electronic messages on specific Recorded Music services information (such as shareholding, the Master Rights Agreement, royalty distributions and the like) you contact us using the details listed in Section 12 (“Contacting us”) if you no longer wish to hear from us. However, please be aware that this may mean we are unable to continue to provide services to you.

6. Other use of your information

We only use your information in the way described in this policy, or if we’re permitted or required to do so under New Zealand privacy law.

In addition to the specific ways that we use your personal information outlined in Section 3, we may also use your personal information to:

  • Respond to your enquiries and communicate with you

  • Assist our systems to function and help us debug or fix system-related problems

  • Support you in using our services

  • Provide you with important notices and information about our services; and

  • Improve our services and the functionality of our website, including testing new or modified functionality and to better understand how our services can help you

  • We might also combine data or information that we have collected about you ourselves, with the information we collect from others for the purposes described in this policy.

7. Other personal information

We may from time to time request that you provide us with other types of personal information, so we can better understand our business and cater our services to meet the needs of those we represent. By way of example, this may include information such as your gender, gender identity, ethnicity, disability or accessibility needs. You do not have to give us this information, and if provided would be on a voluntary basis only. If Recorded Music holds any such personal information about you, that information will only be used and disclosed by Recorded Music for the purposes set out in Section 8 and for any other purposes disclosed to you at the time of our collection.

8. Where your personal information is held

Our service providers may store your information on our behalf (for instance, the service providers described in Section 9 “Sharing your information”).

We may also hold your personal information ourselves – for instance, on servers or in physical files located on our premises.

9. Sharing your information

We only share your information for the purposes described in this policy, or as otherwise permitted under New Zealand privacy law.

In addition to the specific ways that we’ve described throughout this policy, we may also share the personal information we hold about you with our service providers.

In particular, we may share your personal information with the following kinds of service providers:

  • Providers that offer database and information management solutions to help us manage the information that we hold about the people that we’ve interacted with in the past

  • Providers that offer mail-delivery solutions to help us market and promote our services

  • Providers that offer services and solutions to help us manage our events e.g. Eventbrite

  • Providers that offer professional services to us, for example, accounting services

  • Providers that offer cloud-based solutions, to help us process and store the data that we hold

We may also share your information with:

  • Organisations that we have reciprocal arrangements in place with, including SoundExchange (USA), Phonographic Performance Limited (UK), and Phonographic Performance Co of Australia Limited (Australia)

  • Other licensing organisations, such as APRA AMCOS New Zealand and OneMusic

  • Third party/music users enquiring about rights ownership for direct licensing purposes

  • Music industry organisations in regard to specific events, seminars and workshops, where we believe based on our interaction with you, you may be interested in attending

10. Holding & deleting your information

We hold the personal information that we collect about you for as long as is necessary for the purposes described in this policy. We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from loss, unauthorised access, modification, disclosure or other misuse. When we don’t need to hold your information, we securely delete your information.

11. Keeping us updated

It’s important to us that the personal information that we hold about you is accurate and complete. Please let us know as soon as possible if you think we may need to make changes to that information.

12. Contacting us

You have the right to request access to, and correction of, the personal information that we hold about you.

To do so, please either:

  • Email our Privacy Officer at with “Privacy” in the subject line

  • Post your request to Recorded Music New Zealand, Level1, 2A Hakanoa Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021 to the attention of the Privacy Officer

13. Changes to this policy

We will make changes to this privacy policy from time-to-time.

When we make changes, we will update this privacy policy on our website. We will also specify the date of the last update we make to this policy at the top of this document.