Recorded Music NZ are pleased to announce that nominations for Te Kaipuoro Waiata Tamariki Toa | Best Children’s Music Artist, and Te Kaipuoro Tautito Toa | Best Jazz Artist are now open.

If you have released a Children’s Music or Jazz album (or 5 single releases) during the period 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2021 you could be eligible to enter one of our genre Aotearoa Music Awards.

Entries for the APRA Best Country Song, APRA Best Jazz Composition, and APRA Best Children’s Song, as well as the NZ On Air Best Children’s Music Video are also open

Full Terms & Conditions of entry can be found here.

When you are ready to submit a nomination, please log in HERE.

Entries must be submitted online. To be eligible for judging entries must be submitted to Recorded Music NZ before 5pm on Friday 4th March.

2022 NZ Jazz Awards

The NZ Jazz Awards recognise excellence and creativity in the broad world of jazz, and will be held at this year’s Wellington Jazz Festival, celebrating the achievements of the NZ Jazz community. The awards are comprised of the Recorded Music NZ Best Jazz Artist Tūī, and the APRA Best Jazz Composition award.

2022 Children’s Music Awards

The Children’s Music Awards champion the music especially created for our youngest music fans.

Presented at a special ceremony in May, we recognise the achievements of our children’s music creators with the Recorded Music NZ Best Children’s Music Artist Tūī, the APRA Best Children’s Music Song award, the NZ On Air Best Children’s Music Video award, and the Baysting Prize for Children’s Champion.

2022 Te Kaipuoro Tuawhenua Toa | Best Country Music Artist moves to the Aotearoa Music Awards ceremony

Recorded Music NZ are delighted to announce that from 2022 the presentation of the Best Country Music Artist Tūī will move to the Aotearoa Music Awards main ceremony.  Nominations for these awards open in June.  For 2022 the eligibility period will be for a period of 18 months before aligning in 2023.

Commitment to a safe and inclusive Aotearoa Music Awards

Recorded Music New Zealand has in place a Statement of Expectations for the Aotearoa Music Awards and expects and requires everyone involved with AMA to respect others, act lawfully and with integrity and act safely and responsibly.