Search the history of the Aotearoa Music Awards, from its single-award beginnings in 1965 to the 30 categories presented today. You can view data by year, category, your own keyword or a combination of all three search parameters.

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Important notes for researchers:
Category names have evolved over the 50+ years. To assist users and to make it simpler to search the database, we have ‘harmonised’ the categories (for example, the Golden Disc Award of 1965-1972 was comparable to the Single Of The Year used from 1973 onwards so the Golden Disc category has been changed to reflect this). Also, please note, we have had to delete all occurrences of apostrophes and inverted commas as these marks cause the data to display incorrectly. If you intend to use the information on the database for any publication, we strongly recommend contacting Recorded Music NZ first to verify the categories and/or nominees/titles.

There is incomplete data in relation to nominees in the 1973-1980 period. If you are a nominee from this period or have verifiable data, please contact

NB: There were no awards presented in 1977. There was also no ceremony in 1991 – the eligibility period was extended beyond 12 months in order to change the date of the ceremony, meaning that qualifying nominees for ’91 were recognised in the ’92 ceremony instead.