The AMA is a celebration of artists and those behind the scenes in the recorded music industry in Aotearoa. As host and kaitiaki of the AMA Recorded Music NZ is committed to fostering a safe respectful and inclusive environment for everyone involved. We expect everyone participating in and attending the event to be respectful and to act safely, responsibly and with integrity. Discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind including sexual or racial harassment will not be tolerated.

We, and staff at the event, will take any action reasonably necessary to uphold these expectations and create a safe and enjoyable night for all. If you have concerns about harassment or inappropriate conduct on the night please approach security or venue staff for assistance.

If you need someone to talk to about sexual harm Safe to Talk offers a free confidential hotline: 0800 044 334 or text 4334. HELP Auckland offers a 24/7 sexual harm crisis support service: call 0800 623 1700.

If you have concerns you would like to discuss or report to Recorded Music NZ after the event, you can contact one of the following people and your concern will be addressed in accordance with Recorded Music NZ’s policies and processes.

Sarah Owen
Jo Oliver


The Aotearoa Music Awards (“AMA”) is a celebration of artists and those behind the scenes in the recorded music industry in Aotearoa.  As host and kaitiaki of the AMA, Recorded Music NZ is committed to fostering a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for everyone involved.

The AMA is a team effort and everyone has a part to play in creating a positive environment.  Recorded Music NZ expects and requires everyone involved with AMA to respect others, act lawfully and with integrity and act safely and responsibly.  These expectations apply to our partners and their contractors, sponsors, award nominees, persons nominating, judges, award winners and others involved in the lead-up to the event, at the event itself, and in any interactions after the event.

Specifically we expect and require everyone involved with AMA:

  • to treat everyone fairly and with respect
  • to behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times
  • not to engage in, encourage, or condone any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying;
  • not to engage in, encourage or condone any form of sexual harassment;
  • if in a position of power or influence, be mindful of that and take extra care not to take advantage of an imbalance of power;
  • be especially mindful of language and behaviour when in the presence of minors;
  • to operate within the law at all times;
  • to act safely and responsibly including as to alcohol consumption; and
  • to act with integrity and be honest in all dealings.

In particular, AMA award winners receive the honour of holding a Tūī and the title of AMA award winner, and as such will be expected to uphold and maintain high standards of conduct.

In order to safeguard the integrity of AMA and the Tūī awards, and the reputation of AMA, our organisation and our wider music whānau, Recorded Music NZ reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to take appropriate action to uphold these expectations.

In the spirit of open communication and constant improvement, we encourage people to speak up if they wish to raise any issue, concern or complaint in relation to this Statement of Expectations.  You can do this by email to any of the following people:


  • Additional conditions and reporting channels will be provided at the ticketing stage for audience and others who attend the event.
  • This Statement of Expectations is supplementary to the Recorded Music Code of Conduct which is applicable to conduct within its scope.
  • For independent and external support and information about harassment or sexual harm please refer to the support services listed at

To download a copy of this Statement please in pdf form please click here