WINNER: Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams

Christchurch duo Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams are double winners of the New Zealand Country Music Awards announced as part of the Gold Guitar festival in Gore tonight (Thursday May 30).

Recorded Music New Zealand and the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) have both acknowledged Delaney and Marlon’s acclaimed album ‘Sad but True – The Secret History of Country Music Songwriting Vol. 1’,

The recording has gained the Recorded Music NZ Best Country Album Tui while the single ‘Bloodletter’ is awarded the APRA Best Country Song 2013.

Best Country Album

‘Sad but True’ is Delaney and Marlon’s debut outing as a duo and has been praised for seamlessly harmonising the young ‘clean’ voice of Marlon Williams with the ‘darker’ vocals of Delaney Davidson.

Marlon Williams, of the band The Unfaithful Ways, is in his early 20s while Delaney Davidson has been performing as a solo artist throughout Europe and the US since the early 2000s.

The union of experience and youth has seen the pair create an album that has received top star reviews across both music and mainstream publications with the New Zealand Herald dubbing the collaboration as “seamless” and a “heady concoction of truth-seeking”.

Recorded Music NZ chairman, Chris Caddick, congratulates Delaney and Marlon on their win.

“Well done to Delaney and Marlon on their richly deserved Tui for the album ‘Sad But True’. Their take on a classic American art form is brilliantly executed and a real joy to listen to.”