In response to the feedback we received from artists and the wider music community in 2022 and 2023, we have made a number of changes to the nomination process, eligibility criteria and judging process for AMA 2024. View the full updated Terms & Conditions here.

The key information and changes are outlined below.

  • Nominations open on 20 November 2023 and close on 20 December 2023
  • The fee for entry is $40 +GST per category nomination. We appreciate that the cost of living is high, so this is set at the same level as 2019
  • We have upgraded to a new nominations and judging platform (Award Force) that is easier to use, increases transparency and collects demographic data which will be published
  • Timing: The eligibility period for AMA 2024 is 1 August 2022-31 December 2023 (17 months), except for:
    • Te Kaipuoro Tautito Toa | Best Jazz Artist (1 Jan 2022-31 Dec 2023)
    • Te Kaipuoro Taketake Toa | Best Folk Artist (1 Oct 2022-31 Dec 2023)
  • No album requirement: Nominees in most categories will only be required to have released three singles in the eligibility period (no album requirement). The only category that will require the nominee to have released a full album in the eligibility period will be Album of the Year
  • AI: for any recorded music product to be eligible for an award, the primary creative contributor(s) must be human
  • Judging will commence on 19 January 2024 and close on 12 February 2024. Judges will be invited by email, ahead of the holiday period
  • The Judging Academy and Judging Schools are being reviewed and refreshed with a commitment to representation for Māori, diversity and inclusion, and appropriate representation across music industry roles and sectors
  • We have issued updated judging criteria, which guides judges to consider commercial success, cultural impact and audience reach as well as excellence when casting their votes. Tūī are not critics’ choice or art awards (although genre and specialist awards may have different considerations applied). The guidelines also emphasise the importance of objectivity and diversity when considering nominees in each category, and requires judges to commit to this as part of their responsibilities, to ensure a rigorous and fair judging process
  • We will collect anonymised demographic information about judges and publish the information we receive
  • Best Single, Album, Solo Artist and Group: will again be judged by the Academy via a 2-step process. There is no longer a ‘sales weighting’ mechanic applied to votes after Academy judging – we are trusting the expertise of the Academy, which is made up of people from across the music industry
  • Breakthrough Artist of the Year: will not be open to nominations via Award Force or judged by the Academy. It will be awarded at the discretion of a new AMA Discretionary Award Panel, which will be established ahead of AMA 24
  • International Achievement: Awards (if any) in this category will no longer be decided by the Recorded Music NZ Board. The category may be awarded at the discretion of the new AMA Discretionary Award Panel. It will not be open to nominations via Award Force
  • Against the backdrop of an evolving music industry, a new Discretionary Award Category is being established to recognise outstanding achievement or work which sits outside the usual categories. These will also be awarded at the discretion of the new AMA Discretionary Award Panel. The category will not be open to nominations via Award Force
  • Best Producer and Best Engineer: category criteria and submission requirements have been further refined in collaboration with MPGNZ Aotearoa

Note: More information about the new Discretionary Award Category and Panel will be released in 2024, closer to the AMA 24 Event.

Tūī to be presented at the AMA 24 Opening Ceremony
  • Te Kaiwhakaputa Toa | Best Producer
  • Te Kaipukaha Toa | Best Engineer
  • Te Kiko Puoro Ataata Toa | Best Video Content
  • Te Toi Ataata Pukaemi Toa | Best Album Artwork
  • Te Kaipuoro Manohi Toa | Best Alternative Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Inamata Toa | Best Classical Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Tuawhenua Toa | Best Country Music Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Tāhiko Toa | Best Electronic Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Taketake Toa | Best Folk Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Hipihope Toa | Best Hip Hop Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Tautito Toa | Best Jazz Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Arotini Toa | Best Pop Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Rakapioi Toa | Best Rock Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Taketake Toa | Best Roots Artist
  • Te Kaipuoro Awe Toa | Best Soul/RnB Artist
  • Highest Selling Artist of the Year
Tūī to be presented at the AMA 24 Showcase
  • Te Pukaemi o te Tau | Album of the Year
  • Te Waiata Tōtahi o te Tau | Single of the Year
  • Te Kaipuoro Takitahi Toa | Best Solo Artist
  • Te Roopu Toa | Best Group
  • Te Kaituhura Puoro Toa o te Tau | Breakthrough Artist of the Year
  • Te Kaipuoro Māori Toa | Best Māori Artist
  • Mana Reo
  • Radio Airplay Artist of the Year
  • People’s Choice
  • Discretionary Awards
Tūī to be presented at separate events in 2024
  • Te Pukaemi Toa o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa | Best Pacific Album at Pacific Music Awards
  • Te Kaipuoro Waiata Tamariki Toa | Best Children’s Music Artist at Ngā Manu Tīrairaka | Children’s Music Awards